What Is The Real Origin Of The Slug Bug Game?

Everything You Need To Know About The Volkswagen Beetle Punch Buggy Game 

What Is The Real Origin Of The Slug Bug Game?

We all know the game. Punch Buggy, Slug Bug, Punch Dub, Piggy Punch, whatever you call it, children have been growing up in a punch or be punched world for a long time. Many participants assume the game and the car have always existed together, or that the car was designed to satisfy the need to punch your friends, but could this really be the case? What is the real origin of the slug bug game?

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Rules Of The Game

If you are unfamiliar with the rules of Slug Bug, you have lucky shoulders. Simply put, the first person to announce the sighting of a Volkswagen Beetle is entitled to one free punch on the shoulder, delivered to any recipient of his or her choice. It is often played on road trips, but ruptured blood vessels can be found in an indefinite number of scenarios. Two punches are often granted if the Beetle is a classic design, a cabriolet, or features a unique modification.

What Is The Real Origin Of The Punch Buggy Game?

Nazi Germany Invention

The first and strongest theory for the origin of the Slug Bug game involves Nazi Germany. When the Beetle was first introduced in Germany, it was designed as an economy car for Nazi Soldiers. At the time, it more closely resembled a horse and buggy than any other car on the road. Because of this and the fact that German citizens were often abused when the Nazis were around, the phrase “Punch Buggy” was born. Unfortunately, the trail goes cold after this so we don’t know when people started actually punching each other for fun.
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Other Common Theories

The Nazi story is a fun one, but there also other theories that may be just as likely. For example, maybe people started the game because the Beetle resembles a fist. Or maybe the game was invented because the Beetle stands out in a crowd and it gives players something unique to look for. Like Where’s Waldo! Either way, trust no one.

The Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic passenger cars of all time. Although it was developed in Germany, the Beetle is now the longest-running production car in the United States and the most-produced vehicle in the world. It has been in many movies and TV shows, and it will probably be along for a long time to come. So next time you are blindsided in the shoulder take a moment to think about how important the Volkswagen Beetle is to American Culture, THEN retaliate with full force.