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Volkswagen Headlight Cleaning Sayville, NY

Have you noticed that your headlights are starting to get dull? It happens to every vehicle (including your beloved Volkswagen), so you are definitely not alone. So what causes this? Honestly, it is just the exposure of outdoor elements like dust, dirt, and grime. 

Driving with dull headlights is not only unsightly but also very dangerous. Your visibility decreases dramatically and you might not see that pedestrian or deer out on the road ahead of you. 

Many resources will tell you that you can just use toothpaste or some magical solution found at your local auto parts store to clear your headlights. Trust us, we have tried them all and nothing works better than using an orbital sander. This handy dandy tool is one that you typically do not find in the average household because it can be pricey and takes up quite a bit of storage space. Here at Donaldsons Volkswagen, we have plenty of room for an orbital sander and are always excited to pull it out whenever we need to polish a set of headlights. 

When we polish your headlights – whether they are the awesome round ones found on the Volkswagen Beetle or the Atlas model's snazzy-shaped ones – we are extra careful to ensure that we don't scratch the paint. Believe us when we say that we go through a lot of padding and tape! 

In addition to polishing your headlights, we can inspect them and your other exterior lights to ensure that they are working properly so that you can avoid getting pulled over and receive an expensive ticket. 

So what are you waiting for? If your Volkswagen model's headlights are dull and you need better visibility, set up a service appointment with us today! You will be amazed at the difference a fresh polish job can make! 



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