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Volkswagen Leases Sayville, NY

Are you looking for a new Volkswagen but don't want to make the commitment of purchasing one? We have good news for you! Here at Donaldsons Volkswagen, we offer the option to lease a brand-new Volkswagen. So what exactly is leasing? Well, when you lease a Volkswagen with us, you get to enjoy driving a brand-new vehicle with the latest technology for a specific amount of time – typically 36 months – and you are limited to a certain number of miles each year. You usually put a certain amount of money down (amount may vary during sales/specials we host), and you still make monthly payments. However, the amount that you pay each month will typically be less than you would when financing the vehicle in a traditional manner. When the lease expires, you can either purchase the vehicle at a reduced cost or lease a new vehicle with us. 

  • If you are wondering if leasing is the right option for you, here are some common scenarios that make leasing ideal: 

  • You need a new vehicle now but plan on relocating in a few years and may not want/need the same vehicle when you make the move. 

  • You need a certain vehicle style now (like an efficient Volkswagen Jetta), but plan to upgrade to a larger vehicle (like the Volkswagen Tiguan) when you are ready to start expanding your family in a few years. 

  • You are a snowbird and need a reliable vehicle when you are residing on Long Island during the spring, summer, and fall. 

  • Your business needs a vehicle for employee transportation or occasional work-related trips. 

  • You are a huge fan of Volkswagen and love driving the latest version of your favorite model whenever you are given the chance. 

To learn more about Volkswagen leasing, please contact us here at Donaldsons Volkswagen today! 




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