Volkswagen Windshield Wiper Replacements Sayville, NY

Volkswagen Windshield Wiper Replacements Sayville, NY

The state of New York is sandwiched between the Great Lakes and the northern Atlantic Ocean, which means that the state gets a LOT of precipitation throughout the year. Unless if it is a blizzard, precipitation does not typically stop us from getting where we need to go. We just make sure to take it a little easy on the gas pedal, turn on our lights, and use our windshield wipers. 

Although Volkswagen only uses the best windshield wipers on its vehicles, the blades do not last forever – especially with us using them so frequently. This means that we need to switch out those old blades for a new set once in a while – and Donaldsons Volkswagen is just the place to have the job done! 

Our service facility is lauded as one of the best in the area, and our highly-trained technicians are eager to help you out – even if the task is simply changing out the wiper blades on your Volkswagen model. 

While switching the blades yourself is relatively easy, there are some benefits to letting the Donaldsons Volkswagen service department do it for you. The main benefit is that you won't have to visit an overpriced auto parts store, where you are bombarded by a huge selection of wiper blades options. After making the purchase, you may discover that you have the wrong item and making an exchange is a huge inconvenience. When you bring your Volkswagen to us, we will use the correct items for your specific Volkswagen model, and our parts have been specially selected by Volkswagen for quality assurance. 

So what are you waiting for? If you are noticing that your wipers are leaving streaks or if the rubber on the blade is peeling off and flopping around, now is the time to visit our service center! 



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